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November 28, 2013
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Saki model wip by ShannaHeart Saki model wip by ShannaHeart
I'll post the credits when I'm done with the model.

You know my oc, Saki? I have a really old MMD model of her, and I decided to remake her, only problem is, she looks older than what I intended her to look but meh. However, I made her hair texture a darker brown than Shanna's, and I changed her model height to where shes at Shanna's shoulders, so shes a accurate model so far. :D

For those of you who don't know my oc Saki, she is Shanna's non blood related little sister. She is a fire Fairy, but shes not yet good at controlling her magic because she doesn't practice or study enough, which Shanna gets on to her about alot. Shes the most mature of my ocs, shes 15, but has the innocence of a 12 year old or younger. When she was in school, when she should of been in elementary, she was in middle school with Shanna because of how smart she was and her grades, but turns out she only did that so she could be in school with her sister as she seemed to not do as well as she did the previous years once she got in. Saki is Chinese, however her name isn't. I've yet to decide if because maybe some parts of her family were Japanese or if one of her parents were. I'm leaning towards some parts of her family. Saki is quiet and kind, looks up to and loves Shanna very much and often comes to visit her. Would be a powerful Fairy if she took her studies more seriously. Is a very shy person and not very confident in herself. Besides Shanna, her best friends are Yasha, Koryea, and Kyle. Like Shanna's dragon, Hanyuu, Saki also has a dragon named Rei, who is even more yangire than Hanyuu. But this isn't Rei who we're talking about. u_u Saki wishes she wasn't flat chested and is embarresed about it. She doesn't want big boobs, she just wishes she was more of an a-cup rather than more of a triple a.

Thats pretty much a short description of her. I have yet to give the model her wings. Well, this is the wip model of her. Shes so cute. x3 When I'm done with Saki and release her, I'll probably do Rei as well, then Yasha and Yuu. :)
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TheHetalianKazeko Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
...pardon me for a minute.
-goes to another room and freaks out- :iconholyromeexcitedplz:
-comes back-
Okay, I think I'm good now.
Hahaha I'm glad you think shes cute. X3
She... is... so... ADORABLE!!! :D
Oh good, shes coming out as she should then~
Mhm! I soooo can't wait!!! *flails*
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